A unique collection of beautiful products

“Blue Lotus Treasures” – it is the first shop of unique toys imported from all over the world. The main advantage of shop of the beautiful things is the uniqueness of the products that are present there.

Almost all masterpieces made by hand.

In the shop a large selection of talismans from different corners of the planet. The owner of the Blue Lotus Treasures is constantly collecting a surprising collection of beautiful products for the pleasure of the customers. Almost all works are done by hand by American artists and craftsmen who created with the desire to inspire others.
You can choose the collection of Blue Lotus Treasures, dedicated to the treatment of Feng Shui, Tin Labyrinths Handicrafts, Reiki Charged Angelkins, Inspirational Tin Magnets, and more. Most of them are handcrafted, and none of them are in mass production. And you are a great addition to a gift basket.

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