As the owner of Blue Lotus Treasures, I continuously endeavor to gather together a wonderfully unique collection of beautiful products for your enjoyment. Nearly all are handmade by American artists and craftspeople who create with a desire to inspire others. So, stop in and refresh your mind, body, spirit.

Browse through Blue Lotus Treasures’ collection of Feng Shui cures, handcrafted pewter labyrinths, Reiki Charged Angelkins, inspirational pewter magnets, Quotestones, Talistones, and more. Most are handmade and none are mass-produced. And they make a great addition to a gift basket.

Inspirational Gift Ideas:

  • Angelkins
  • Handcrafted Pewter Labyrinths
  • Inspirational Talistones
  • Inspirational Quotestones

Angelkins are little helpers created to assist us in bringing focus and clarity to our desires and intentions, allowing us to manifest them into reality.  From time immemorial, humankind has long identified the Angel as the messenger of God, emissary, helper, teacher, advocate, guardian, and protector. Small and precious, Angelkins are deceptively powerful!  

A labyrinth is viewed as a metaphor for life’s journeys, offering lessons as we walk its path. Walking, or tracing the path of a labyrinth is known to assist us with addressing life’s challenges, finding peace through meditation and prayer. The labyrinth is seen as a sacred pattern that leads the seeker on a path to its center – it is not a maze, there is only one way in and one way out, and there are no dead ends that would make the seeker choose directions. Labyrinths have been documented throughout history as far back as the Bronze Age, and there are as many designs as there are cultures.

Talistones . Throughout history, people of all cultures have valued beautiful stones and often used them as talismans or totems. Using them in such a way can change the way you think and sometimes even change your life! Talistones are made of naturally shaped river pebbles of quartz, agate and jasper. Selected stones  are sand-carved with inspirational words and symbols.

Carrying beautiful stones is a common human trait. Let your inner guide pick one for you and carry it in your pocket. Every time you touch the stone it will remind you of why you have it and what it means. The more attention, intention, energy and expectation you put into the stone, the more effective the process. Some say that stones and symbols have power and that they are magic like the talismans of ancient times. . . Carry this stone and let the magic work for you!

QuoteStones are made of naturally shaped river pebbles which have been hand selected and imprinted with inspirational prayers, affirmations and famous words of wisdom from many cultures past and present. The stones themselves come from an ancient river, which for generations, has been a pilgrimage site for those seeking lucky or magical stones. Finding and carrying stones is an archetypal human trait.

Choose a quote that means something to you personally, or let your inner guide pick one for you, then carry it in your pocket or set it on your desk. Everytime you touch the stone let it remind you of why you have it, and what it means to you. Some say these stones have power, and they’re magic like talismans of ancient times. Carry this touchstone with you and allow the magic work.

Each stone comes in a velveteen pouch. Because the inspirational message is printed on the stone, ideal place to display your quote is on a desk, table, or shelf. If they are carried in you pocket or pocketbook, keeping it in its velor pouch or carrying it alone will prevent damage to the lettering on the stone.